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“ I had a health scare this year and found myself finding it hard to trust God….I struggled for many months until one day I found your book. I bought one for my wife and I. As we started to go through the pages, The pictures drawn started to make me realize how I was like a lamb and how Jesus was actually like -- kind, loving, sacrificial and protective. And those images started to help me see God in a kinder light, a better light and also to see a God that is always constantly with me, protecting me and feeding me.


And even like  Thea , when she was lost and crying, Jesus came to pick her up and nurse her to health. So thank you. Your images have helped me start to change my mind about God.

Your pictures have helped in my journey of repentance.


We put a  Sheepography card  behind our phones so we can read it

and/or meditate on it whenever we have time”.


- Ben

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