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A flock of sheep is on the loose

at Far East Plaza level One! Please help me find them.


They were last seen around Arts@work! #01-90, 85, 84, 83, 76, 62, 61 On the walls and on the Shelves, so come on down to #01-90 and tell us how many sheep is there in total?

so that they can be accounted for?


So come on down to Arts@work at Far East Plaza and find the lost sheep… a Sheepography gift item worth around $20 dollars awaits for you here if you can tell us the correct number of sheep you see at our brand new store. See you there!

(This promotion will only last till the end of 2018, only valid to 10 person a day)


Sheepography flagsheep store is located at #01-76 Far East Plaza.

our opening hours is 11am till 7pm daily, closes on Sunday and public holidays.

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