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This plushie has been such a good use to my son.


Supporting him when he sleeps, preventing him from rolling and i get to read Psalm 23 to him right away.


Oh, use it as my neck support too when my son is not using it.


Sheepography has also been featured in

A Security Blanket that

comforts through the seasons

Our P23 Plushie literally allows the kids to hold on to God’s promises.


It is designed specially with a colourful visual of the Good Shepherd embracing his Sheep on one side and the whole Psalm 23:1 on the reversed side.


Bringing you comfort and peace day and night making it the perfect security blanket for them throughout their seasons of growth.

This 47 cm x 19cm Plushie is made from a material called Super soft fabric, giving it a luxurious velvety smooth touch with every hug.


It is packed and filled with PP cotton (Polypropylene cotton) making it as thick as +/- 10 cm so that it would be even more huggable for kids and even the adults may find it irresistible.


Finally, the Plushie is machine washable* and safe for your child.



*Place it in a laundry bag to wash at normal temperature.

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Single Purchase

1 x Sheepography plushie is at SGD $20.50 (before GST)

Size: 19 cm (W) x 47 cm (H)
Thickness: +/- 10cm
Material: Super soft fabric
Filling: PP cotton

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